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Faynomenal Frill is an up and coming party boutique in Fayetteville, AR created to help parents make their next party a piece of cake. Currently operating from the home of the owner, we are working hard to open a brick & mortar store to serve Northwest Arkansas. Balloon garlands, backdrops, confetti and more, we can personalize almost every aspect of your upcoming celebration to make it a Faynomenal success. Click on "HIRE US" and let us know about your upcoming special day!

 FAY ▪ NOM ▪ E ▪ NAL 


  1. something that is very remarkable or extraordinary; originating from Fayetteville, AR



  1. an extra that is added to something to make it more pleasant or attractive, but that is not necessary

                                                              *it may not be necessary, but it sure does make things a lot more fun*